Traffic Injury Map (TIM v2.0)

Traffic Injury Map (TIM) is a free online mapping service to anyone who is interested in finding out the road traffic injury locations in their neighbourhood and other areas.

Please note the following important information about the datasets,

First of all, please make sure that your web browser is capable of loading google maps. Visit to do this check. Now, there are following simple steps involved in searching and plotting the injuries, namely

  1. Search and position the map to an area that you are interested in. You could either,
    - Simply drag the map around and zoom-in/out.
    - Search for the locality using the Google search bar located at the top-left corner of the map (Click on the magnifying glass icon on the search bar to reveal the box to fill in the location information such as Post Code, City Name etc.).
  2. Choose the type of injuries that you would like to plot on the map.
  3. Click the button Plot Injuries and please wait until a dialog box appears indicating the completion of the plotting. The time to plot depends upon the load on the web site and the number of injuries that are within the search radius.
  4. Finally, optionally, download the statistics by clicking the "Download Stats" link on the bottom right of the map, or even better use the hyperlink of the stats straight into sites like RawGraphs to plot the data on a variety of graphs.
Click on the markers to see a little more detail about the type of injury.

Casualty Class         Download Stats
2007 2007  2009 2009  2011 2011
2013 2013  2015 2015  2017 2017

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No information about the search is stored except while during the database query to plot the injuries.

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