There has been a dramatic improvement in the efforts to reduce the number of road traffic injuries over the years. These improvements have been brought about by a dedicated and relentless focus and investment on road engineering, public campaigns, medical care, and improvements in vehicle designs. However, sadly road traffic collisions continue to be one of the major causes of injury to people in all societies across the world. According to the 2019 Annual DfT Report1, on average just under 5 people are still killed and just under 420 are injured on the UK roads every day. In the entire world, road injuries remain in the top 10 most common causes of death of people for a large part of the world.2.

Road Traffic Injuries are a complex phenomena. It is not always possible to find a straightforward insight into the causal factors that lead to a road traffic collision. Therefore, various governmental and non-governmental organisations continue to provide and update guidance for all road users. It has also been widely accepted that effective soft measures e.g. road safety awareness campaigns in the media and schools can play a vital role in reinforcing the importance of personal safety and of everyone else on the roads.


The objective of this web site is to provide the public a facility to visualise the distribution of road traffic injuries around a location. Thereby, it is hoped that the public will become aware of road environments in their neighbourhood where extra precautions may be required, thus eventually adding to the wider awareness campaigns being organised by various road safety related organisations.

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2The top 10 causes of death (accessed on 13th February 2021).